SomaEnergetics Annual Online LIVE SomaShare

2021 Online Event: August 20-21, 2021

Conference Fee: $99 - (Certified Teachers: $49) Full access to online event and recordings after the event for a year! 

SomaShare is a time for our Students, Coaches and Teachers to share how they use SomaEnergetics Tools, how they integrate them into other natural therapies and how they market their natural therapies business. We invite all those interested in Vibrational Energy to join us for the Annual On-line SomaShare.

Even if you cannot attend the entire event, you will have access to the recordings after the event to watch anything you miss!

A Message from David Hulse:  SomaEnergetics Developer and Soma Share Host:

What an exciting time to come together and take our place as light workers assisting humanity to the next level of higher consciousness through our work with sound and vibration. This event is a time to come together and share our experiences, reaffirm our commitment and renew our passion for the transforming power of SomaEnergetics.

This is must attend event for any serious practitioner or teacher! New insights will be gainedas we meet in our common goal of being better practitioners for our clients and more effective teachers to our students.

I encourage you to seriously consider participating in this online event. It is shaping up to be one of the best yet!. It will inspire you in your Vibrational Energy Practice.


2021 SomaShare Theme: Integrating Soma for a Richer Client Experience!

We are excited to share with you some of the creative ways our practitioners and teachers have developed to integrate the Soma tools and techniques for a richer client experience. Join us for our annual online event to explore how the you can use sound and vibration can enhance your life and grow your client offerings.

Topics presented by SomaEnergetics Developers, Master Teachers, Certified Coaches and more…

  • Solfeggio: 5th Dimensional Heart Codes
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) with Om Tuner & Soma Glider
  • An On-line Technique to Tuning Clients Remotely
  • The Magic of Sound Frequency Healing
  • Rise Above It
  • Helping Youth with Autism Self Actualize with Energy Sound Medicine
  • Building a Healing Map
  • 4 Essential Oils to Aid Tuning at the Cellular Level for Practitioners and Recipient
  • Integrating SomaEnergetics Tools and Techniques with Other Modalities
  • The Song of Your Soul
  • Balancing the Bodies Energy Flow using Knowledge, Tools and Tuning Forks

SomaShare Details:

When: LIVE: Friday, August 20 from 6 PM - 9 PM EST AND Saturday, August 21 from 10 AM - 6 PM EST (1 hour lunch around 1:00) 

RECORDINGS: Available after event for 1 year included in cost of registration.

How:Online using webcams (for presenters) or just the internet to watch as a participant!

Why: A SomaShare is a time to gather and share different ways of using tuning forks and ways of incorporating them into other natural therapies.

CEU's: This event will count for 10 CEU's toward your annual renewal requirement for NTCB and/or Spiritual Healer Licensing. It will also count for 100 hours (10 actual hours X 10 for event) toward your 300 hour internship required for the Sound Therapy Coach Certification!

SomaShare Time: We will have 13 SomaShare times for practitioners and teachers to share unique ways of using the forks and integrating them into various practices. Those that present will have the convention fee waived. David will be also be sharing and answering your questions.

This is an amazing opportunity to explore with others the Power of SomaEnergetics!

SomaShare Conference Fees:

  • Conference Fee: $99 per person($49 for Certified Teachers)
  • Includes access to recordings after the event for you to catch any presentations you missed or to re-watch those you may wish to see again.
  • Presenters attend for FREE 


  • Schedule of Events:

    Friday, August 20, 2021 – All times EDT

    SS21-1 6 PM – Tim Leach, Executive Director, SomaEnergetics (15 Min) Welcome to the SomaShare
    An overview of the webinar interface.
    How do you get CEU’s
    If you need to miss part or all of the LIVE event
    10 Min Break every hour at :50

    SS21-2  6:15 PM – David Hulse, CVSMT Founder and President, SomaEnergetics (35 Min)  Solfeggio: 5th Dimensional Heart Codes

    David shares new information that brings together the Solfeggio Frequencies, 5th Dimensional Energy and Heart Codes.  SomaEnergetics started 20 years ago with the mission to bring the Solfeggio frequencies back into use in our time.  This new information takes the importance of that mission to a whole new level.

    SS21-3  7:00 PM – Catherine Brochu, CVSC (25 Min)  Group Chanting with the Solfeggio Tones

    Toning is the creation of extended vocal sounds on a single vowel in order to experience the sound and its effects in other parts of the body.(Jonathan Goldman)  

    The purpose in vocalizing the Solfeggio tones ourselves is to empower and enhance our innate ability to produce our own healing through the felt-sensation of vibrational alignment.  A group session co-creates healing in people and situations that seem beyond us individually. Singing talent is not required as the sounds produced are simply allowed and observed without judgement.

    Cat Brochu is a Vibrational Sound Coach with training through SomaEnergetics in the USA.  The technique used for a group Sound Session has evolved from this training, yoga practice, intuition, studies through International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine in Hawaii, as well as inspiration resulting from attending The Science and Spirituality Conference in Nanaimo in 2018.

    Contact:   or call 306-981-5757

    SS21-4  7:25 PM – Jan Konow, CVSMT (25 Min)  Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) with Om Tuner & Soma Glider

    EFT is a tool to get you from limiting beliefs by “tuning in” to specific issues while stimulating meridian points. Adding the healing power of sound from an OM tuning fork when stimulating the acupressure points can accelerate the effects exponentially.

    Jan Konow is a Certified Vibrational Sound Master Teacher and has been in the field of Sound Techniques for nine years. She facilitates classes and workshops in Vibrational Sound Techniques, as well as offering Vibrational Essential Oil Drop and Sound Technique sessions to her clients.

    SS21-5  8:00 PM –Tony Gyenis, CVSMT (50 Min)  An On-line Technique to Tuning Clients Remotely

    In this demonstration I will show how spirit has shown me to tune clients from anywhere in the world so they can experience the effects of the tuning forks as if they were on a massage table in front you.  Using the Solfeggio Tuning Forks, Double OM, Sun/Moon Tuners, all the angels tuners, chakra stones, and some selected crystals, I will share a distance technique that has the same tuning effect as an in-person session. 

    9:00 PM – Day 1 ends

    Saturday, August 21, 2021 (All times EDT)

    SS21-6   10:00 AM – Linda Lyons (25 Min)  Building a Healing Map

    Hi, I am Linda and I want to let you know how I combine many different elements to create a healing map under my treatment table.  Although new to using tuning forks in healing, I have spent many years training and dabbling in energy healing from quite a few different perspectives which includes the Australian Bush Flowers and the Liquid Crystals.  I have also spent a long time gathering rocks, crystals, shells, oracle cards, colourful fabric, books, feathers and candles.  When I began using the Soma Energetics tuning forks I saw the potential to somehow find a way to incorporate them all into a healing session. 

    From simply laying the Liquid Crystal cards for the spine on the floor under the table, I gradually began tapping into the energy field of my clients prior to their arrival using a photograph.  I became more selective, using my pendulum to choose which pieces felt right and I quickly saw that themes were becoming apparent.  I continue to build the picture for the healing under the table until I feel that the process is complete.  I also employ the RNA/DNA forks which I have placed on a piece of copper either at the head or foot of the setup.  I know the forks work by themselves and feel the copper gives them an extra dimension of power to conduct the energy for my client’s best outcome.

    SS21-7  10:25 AM – Darcel Spears (25 Min)  Helping Youth With Autism Self Actualize with Energy Sound Medicine

    Few will dispute that many with autism may process sensory input different from “neurotypicals”; particularly sound.  Some believe that their sensitivity can be a tremendous asset to their self-actualization. In Darcel Spears' Energy Wellness Coaching Program, she works with youth with autism, exploring the possibilities of how the energy sound medicine can help them self-regulate their wellness and wellbeing and to ultimately self-actualize.

    Darcel Spears is an Energy Wellness Transformation Coach.  She helps youth with autism to self-actualize, and she works with their allies such as their moms to help support them. 

    SS21-8   11:00 AM – David Hulse, CVSMT (50 Min)  The Magic of Sound Frequency Healing

    David was recently a guest on the JC Kay Quantum Truths Show where they explored the principles and power of SomaEnergetics.  It was a great interview that generated over 1000 new customers that now share the power of SomaEnergetics around the world.  David wants to share it with the larger Soma family during the SomaShare.

    SS21-9  Noon – Bryan Mallindine (50 Min)  Twelve Universal Laws ~ The Law of Vibration!

    The Twelve Universal Laws are reviewed with an emphasis on the Law of Vibration. We identify multiple applications of the Law of Vibration and how it acts on us twenty-four hours seven days a week. As Dr Bruce Lipton cited in his revolutionary book The Biology of Belief: “There is no more important choice than with whom we spend our time. Their vibe impacts us more than we might realize.” Shift happens might be the mantra of the Tuning Fork Specialist as the vibration needs to shift to be more effusive with the other Laws of the Universe.

    Bryan Mallindine PhD Master Herbalist was born in Canada, currently resides in California and has lived in many countries. Bryan hosted his own radio talk show, chaired a department at the University of California at San Diego and is the Managing Partner of Emerge Quantum, a new portal for Quantum Medicine transformation.  Bryan also has served as an executive with many companies and earned his MBA (Marketing and Strategy) from IMD Switzerland and a CPA with PWC.  Bryan holds multiple certifications and licenses including Board Certified Light Therapist, Licensed Quantum Coach and Elite Akashic records Reader as well as other licenses.

    1:00 PM - LUNCH

    SS21-10  2:00 PM – Lori Lane’ Fraley, CVSMT (25 Min)  Rise Above It

    Lori will discuss how to shift your energy into the frequency of love by using healing tools including tuning forks and meditation to tap out of the dark night of the soul. Lori is SomaEnergetics Master Teacher, a Licensed massage therapist and founder of Raven's Call Healing Center in Sedona, AZ.

    SS21-11  2:25 PM – Rhonda Harris (25 Min)  4 Essential Oils to Aid Tuning at the Cellular Level for Practitioners and Recipient

    Most of us have some familiarity with essential oils and their ability to promote health, aid in stress and anxiety management and relief of pain; there is another dimension of oil use that has the ability to further the balancing effects of the tuning process. While all pure essential oils have an effect at the cellular level, I will examine four potent oil blends that may encourage balance at the etheric field which drives our cellular dimensions as well as promote spiritual insight and connection.

    Rhonda is a Certified Oil Specialist with DoTerra Essential Oils and a devoted student of David Hulse. Through his encouragement, she has become fascinated to explore the use of essential oils in many esoteric applications.  303-518-8108.

    SS21-12  3:00 PM Tammy Sorenson, CVSC (50 Min)  Integrating SomaEnergetics Tools and Techniques with Other Modalities

    This presentation will include discussion and demonstration incorporating SomaEnergetics Tools and Techniques with VoiceBio (Voice Analysis Harmony), Integrated Life Processes and Muscle Testing, Sound Therapy for Children and Youth, and spontaneously recorded holistic keyboard music.

    Tammy has an M.A. Music, PHD Practical Theology, and is a Certified Sound Healing and Therapy, Certified VoiceBio Sound Therapist, Certified Integrated Life Processes Practitioner, Certified Essential Oils Coach, Certified Vibrational Sound Coach, Licensed Spiritual Health Coach, Psalmist, and Educator  Spotify, Apple, Amazon, and Youtube Official Artist

    SS21-13  4:00 PM – Rosemary Levesque, CVSMT (50 Min)  The Song of Your Soul

    DNA tuners from the Phase 3 training work together to bring binaural beats for healing. Discover a new way to use these tuners to bring about spiritual ancestral memories in the brain and heart.

    Rosemary Levesque, LSH, CVSMT+3 integrates sound, plant essences, crystals, and ancient wisdom to offer vibrational healing for people and pets.  

    SS21-14 5:00 PM – Patricia Krause, LMT, CVSMT (25 Min)  Balancing the Bodies Energy Flow using Knowledge, Tools and Tuning Forks.

    How to assess and balance the bodies energy flow using your knowledge, your tools and tuning forks. Getting the best result for your client during a tuning fork massage or a vibrational sound treatment. Pat will share her years of experience as a Massage Therapist and Vibrational Sound Teacher.  Pat is owner of Universal Energy Massage in Cocoa, FL

    SS21-1A 5:25 PM – Tim Leach, CVSMT (35 Min) Special Discount Offers for SomaShare Participants
    Tim will share special offers for SomaShare participants and wrap up the SomaShare with any final questions for David or Tim about Soma

    6 PM – SomaShare 2021 is a wrap!

  • Comments from attendees during and after previous events:

    • Wonderful online event! I loved it! All of the presenters were great! Looking forward to the next event!
    • Very grateful and thankful for a wonderful SomaShare! Inspiring information . . .beautiful connections!
    • Very helpful information on promotional materials. Thank you for your generosity.
    • Excellent 'tips' I'd never thought of...... THANKS!!!
    • Fantastic information.... Wow, where did the time go?? Great day!!
    • This has been an awesome weekend! Thanks to David, Tim and Randall and all the presenters!
    • Excellent 'connecting of the dots' for all of us!
    • Very nice visual presentation. Thanks! Helps motivate getting this done myself.
    • This event exemplified the amazing possibilities to further integrate mental absorption, spiritual attunement, etheric energy work with and through our 3rd dimension physical technology. The flow of presentations and conscientious communications between the presenters and facilitators as each transition or technological challenge occurred made it seem like I was right in the room with them. I enjoyed watching and experiencing the individuals as subjects were shared. This kept the experience more personable in light of the distance and machine crossover. I look forward to lots more! Tallyho & Bravo!
    • Overall a wonderful webinar!!! Lots of great information!! Looking forward to the next one. Thank you for all of your hard work in putting it together.
    • It has been great to see practitioners and teachers in their work environment. Thank you!

    You don't want to miss this amazing opportunity to explore how others are using vibrational energy in their practice!

    Results from Survey of previous Participants:

    • 93% said they would most likely or definitely attend another SomShare
    • 87% said they would most likely or definitely recommend the event to a friend
    • 97% indicated the online watchitoo interface was easy to use
    • 86% felt the event was a great or excellent value
    • 91% felt the recordings are a great or excellent value
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    Phone: 704-469-SOMA (7662)

    Thanks for participating and joining the conversation!

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