What's New at SomaEnergetics?

What's New is a great place for new visitors to get a feel for the history of SomaEnergetics and return visitors to check and see what we've added since you last visited. This is where we announce new products, features added to the website and online events.

The newest information is listed first.

Spring, 2017

SomaEnergetics Offers Payment Plans!

Winter 2016/2017

Company Moved to Columbus OH.  

Summer 2016

New 528 Hz Miracle Music CD by Certified Master Teacher Carla Reed

New Blog Article on 5th Dimensional Energy and Solfeggio Frequencies

New "Explainer Video" on the Etheric/Physical Interface that we work with in SomaEnergetics posted on the Principles of SomaEnergetics Page

Spring 2016

2016 SomaShare Announced - August 26-27

We have been hard at work over the last year on a brand new website to better serve you! It has a lot of new features including:

Fall 2015

SomaShare Recordings posted. Join the Conversation.

Earn 10 CE toward renewal of NTCB certification or 100 Intern Hour toward your Coach Certification through participating in live or watching later the Annual Soma Share

Summer 2015

Introducing the Soma Sonic Series: 2 hour SoundShops; A great way to directly experience tuning forks and how you can incorporate the Power of Sound and Vibration for personal transformation!

Fall 2014

Introducing SomaSwivels: Make any tuning fork swivel like a pendulum!

Teacher Carla Reed Solfeggio 528 Hz Piano Originals CD

Summer 2014

Cymatics and Solfeggio Frequencies

Spring 2014

Uploaded a new YouTube Video - Overview of Phase 1 Sound Therapy Course

Fall 2013

Pineal Gland Tuning Fork now available!

New Instructional DVD with DNA/RNA Fork Set now Available!

New School of Spirituality Series: Bible 101 AND Buddhism

David accepts new position as Minister of Education at Unity of Charlotte.




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